About Us


ASVIAlberta Sports Vision Institute started over 20 years ago in Sherwood Park. Our mandate was to go beyond just opening a clinic. We wanted to get involved in the community and help various charities. We are involved in local sports teams, golf tournaments and lunch programs as well as our biggest event, The World’s Longest Hockey Game.

Dr. Brent Saik and his professional staff strive to maintain and provide the best possible Ocular health care to our patients. We are a family business and pride ourselves in providing excellent service to our patients.

Our clinic has fashionable eyewear and sunglasses, including exclusive collections from around the world. We keep our eyewear current with luxurious and adventurous designs, full of fun colours for all ages and lifestyles. Our eyewear is priced to fit all budgets and we will price match other optical offices. We strive to create a great visual experience by using the best lenses and frames.


Our Staff


Dr. Brent T.J. Saik & Dr. Jenelle Trenchuk-Saik

Dr. Brent Saik









Hi, I’m Bentley!

I’m just hanging out in the back office by myself, but I’m super friendly and love to be around people! If you want to pet me, just let one of my human friends at the front desk know and they will come wake me up from my nap!